PomTimer App Reviews

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just downloaded and would not open

Can’t rate it because it can’t be used.

Functionality extremely limited...

I wanted to try the pomodoro method of productivity. Looking at my options in the App Store I selected this app over others to save a couple bucks… bad idea! I assumed the timer automatically goes from work periods to break periods. Unless I am missing something (I don’t think I am), you have to start every timer individually. So start 25 minute work period. It rings. Then stops. Then you have to manually start 5 minute break (or whatever time frame you’ve pre-selected). It alerts you after 5 minutes. Then you have to manually start another 25 minute timer. What?!? Not useful. Certainly not worth any money as any stopwatch can do this. Seems odd that it counts your work sessions but can’t automatically go from work period to break period on it’s own. Ah, well. Learned my lesson! Uninstalled and now I’ll be paying another $3 for a well-reviewed option.

good timer

does its job, easy to set up, and works well. sometimes I lose control on how much time I am spending on the internet, with this app you can set up 20 minutes and after that the app is gonna alert you that time is over and you have to do smth else. it worth the money.

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